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I just created another blog in vietnamese: If you are viet and you want to read my posts in viet, please check my another blog 🙂 Here is for my international friends.

I just literally messed up two cakes yesterday 😦 While I tried separating egg yolks and egg whites, my dump skill messed everything up. There was a lil bit of yolks in egg whites, thus, the cakes became a big mess. In total, I wasted 10 eggs -_____- Commonly said ‘Practice makes the best’ but it’s also a waste of money as well…I tried not to think about those 2 cakes this morning so I decided to make other cake. I found raisins in the fridge so I decided to bake Raisins Pound Cake.

It’s so easy to make because the ingredients are proportional. Moreover, it’s really tasty and suitable for a breakfast with milk 🙂 I was about to have pound cake for breakfast but it turned out my whole 5 lil pound cakes are all gone before dinner today >.< oh well…

I hope you all liked this and gave me some comments ❤ Love you all

Viet blog:

It has been so long since the day I updated my blog here lols. I was being lazy because most of photos and notes are all updated on facebook. However, facebook has been locked in infinite time in Viet Nam [yes, and I am not sure why would they do such things?] I did unlock facebook and continue using it [THEY all know they cannot keep us away from facebook] but it’s running slower than before >.< So depressing!!!! So I decided to move my little home to here, WordPress, to continue sharing my thoughts, my photos and my everything.

I have an album on facebook named “Baking baking” where I post my entire baking journey up 🙂 I’m an amateur but I never stop practicing so my baking skill definitely is improving quickly 😀 *yay* It’s gonna take a long time to move the whole album from facebook to wordpress >< but I’ll finish it soon.

Today is a nice day in Viet Nam. And I feel content 🙂 I’m gonna introduce my cookies baked last night and formed by a tool called cookie press that I just got from my sister in USA.


The cookies smell really really good ^___^ thanks to almond powder. According to the recipe, the amount of sugar is over 100g, which is quite too much for a person like me to take >< I reduced it to 90g and found it the best flavor. The cookies are not too sweet, thus, highlight the smell that cookies should have 🙂 yum!!! I myself love love love almond so much so this cookie is def my fav 🙂 What about you?

Kathy Le

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