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Chocolate egg yolk pudding is a wonderful dessert for Valentine’s Day because it is totally made from chocolate. As you know chocolate represents for love, for romance, and also a good remedy. Please don’t mistake chocolate with milk chocolate. Milk chocolate can make you fat but not dark chocolate. It’s good for your health, especially your heart. So, why not trying to make chocolate pudding for yourselves?


– 85g (3 oz) unsweetened chocolate

– 2 cups  milk, scalded

– 1 vanilla pod (Note: When I made one, I didn’t have vanilla pod, thus I used vanilla powder instead and it was still really good. However, vanilla pod would give you a funnier taste. You would feel like you’re eating some tiny seeds in your mouth and it is a nice experience to try)

– 1/2 cup sugar

– 5 egg yolks, beaten

– 1 tbs (table spoon) plain flour

– 1/4 tsp (tea spoon) Salt

Let’s do it:

– Open the vanilla pod, scrape down the seeds and stir them into the milk. Place the whole pod into the milk, set aside for 15 mins.

–  Melt chocolate over hot water, stirring constantly.

– Heat the milk with vanilla pod until just boiled. Dispose the vanilla pod.

– Mix sugar, flour and salt, and blend with chocolate.

– Stir in 1 cup of the hot milk and beat until smooth, then cook over direct heat until mixture boils, stirring constantly.

– Stir rest of hot milk slowly into beaten egg yolks, add to chocolate mixture and cook 5 minutes longer over boiling water, stirring constantly.

– Remove from heat. Let cool and serve plain or with cream.


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PS: I actually made all puddings but forgot to take pictures. That’s why, I copied pictures from Kokotaru Website with instructions as well. After I finish all exams, definitely I will make some again and post on this blog really soon. Thanks 🙂


Again, I don’t have enough time to bake any cake since A.P exam is coming within one week. But my blog would be upset if I did not put something on it. Then, I hope owner of this website: would not be upset as well since I have copied her pictures and posted here.

Orange yogurt brulee is a low fat, healthy and delicious dessert that I think anyone would love to try. This yummy desert would satisfy anyone, including ones in diet. So you can enjoy it as much as you want without hesitating and worrying about your weight because there is NO SUGAR, NO FAT 😛 teeheee

It takes only few minutes to prepare and get ready for this irresistible healthy dessert.

Ingredients (for two people): plain yogurt, brown sugar and an orange. Noted that you don’t need a lot of Brown Sugar because Orange and Yogurt are tasty enough. But if you liked sweet, then just go for it 🙂

Let’s do it:

1/ Peel the orange and cut it into small pieces. Place them equally in two cups or ramekins.

2/ Pour plain yogurt into those two ramekins.

3/ Sprinkle the yogurt on top and use blowtorch to caramelize the sugar. Note: if you don’t have a blowtorch, just caramelize sugar on a fried pan but it doesn’t make the caramel look as good as it should be (I tried and I swear it looked ….well….)

DONE! WOW!! ENJOY IT MUCH? 🙂 Please enjoy your dessert and tell me if you love it 🙂 Thank you for reading my post.


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